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Digital Publishing Solutions For Agencies

marketing, public relations & communications

Vmags digital publishing enable marketers and communicators to present online brochures, catalogs and other materials in a sleek, cutting edge, intuitive format. Leveraging our publishing software enabling marketers the ability to align digital publications with an entire campaign effort,including logo, colors, and language. With Vmags, you can deliver a clear message, confirm credibility, connect with target markets, and retain user loyalty.

Business Needs

  • Create engaging content that matches the look and feel of the rest of a client’s marketing mix.
  • Track and analyze readership and measure results from campaigns.
  • Provide objective results data to clients.
  • Expand and optimize budgets by using more efficient marketing tools, platforms, devices and features.
  • Utilize digital publishing software that take little or no time to implement.
  • Be on top of industry trends.
  • Make content available on mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Android mobile platforms.