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Digital Publishing Solutions for Firms & Government

legal, accounting, consulting, banking & health care

Vmags digital publishing software helps professional institutions and government departments manage their digital publications with a complete cost-effective solution. Our platform projects a high level of sophistication and professionalism providing firms a competitive edge for customer acquisition and assurance of a clearly defined message. Firms can lower prices to satisfy their digital consumers, and counter the erosion of demand to electronic channels. Companies can showcase and control all their content, including brochures, publications, journals, financial reports, RFPs, internal and external corporate documents, white papers, catalogs, magazines, newsletters and beyond with our digital publishing solution.

Business Needs

  • Store documents in a secure system with authenticated access.
  • Integrate with an existing database.
  • Provide publications in an accessible format, for readers with diverse needs and characteristics.
  • Decrease environmental impact by managing content in a green and sustainable format.
  • Reduce print times and produce timely, easy-to-read customer information.
  • Create engaging digital publications that match the look and feel of your entire marketing mix.
  • Gain insight on audience engagement of content.
  • Make content available through multiple mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms.