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Digital Publishing Solutions For Publishers

for magazines, newspapers & books

Many prominent magazine publishers across the globe have utilized our online digital page flip technology to publish their content, discover new revenue models and supplement their print business. With our digital publishing solutions for magazines and books and our Digital Daily Paper platform for newspapers, publishers and editors are e-defining their content.

Business Needs

  • Diversify sources of revenue by monetizing digital editions.
  • Manage content with a system that is user friendly, customizable and syncs with emergent publishing business models.
  • Measure and achieve readership goals using comprehensive analytical and statistical tools.
  • Customer support and a specialized e-Content Account Managers for the management of my account.
  • Distribute online publications and magazines with flexible e-commerce and subscription systems.
  • Minimize environmental impact with green publications.
  • Make content available through multiple mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms.
  • Add value to the reader’s experience via rich media and interactivity.
  • Offer live and dynamic ads that can be linked to advertisers’ websites for better conversion rates and objective results measurement.
  • Distribute digital publications with an automated system that allows for distribution of timely issues across specific markets.
  • Increase qualified traffic with the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.