VSP® Video Spokesperson

Delivery Formats

We can deliver your video in a variety of ways depending on your needs. We specialize in video and will help you use that video in any way that best fits your format.

• Overlaid on your site
• Youtube ready
• Banner ad ready
• Raw green screen footage
• With text and graphics
• Smart phone and Tablet
• Blue Ray or DVD

VSP® Shot Options

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Our online video spokesperson program allows you to pay a one time production fee, for complete ownership rights to a customized video production for your website or your Proemags digital publications. Your production incorporates one of our live actors combined with your very own customized message.
Try it on your website for free…just enter your URL address and select an actor to view on your website.

*if you have selected an actor and the video does not display, this indicates that the actor is currently unavailable.