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Your PDF's

Branded, page turn experience that works on any device.

Our Online software turns your PDF into an interactive flipbook with a smooth page effect, comfortable in-document navigation and customizable design.  All of these features are backed by HTML5, which means your document works in any browser without the need for any special viewing software

Solutions for every Business!

Online publications and rich media presentations with a page-flipping effect


Catalogs, Commerce

Online product catalogs and rich media presentations with a page-flipping effect 

As a shop window entices customers to come in, your catalog should do the same. Leave traditional documents behind with our digital catalog software. Provide your readers with a whole new level of online shopping. Make them browse your online catalogs again and again just like the real ones and let them purchase right from its turning pages. Try one of the examples - it won’t leave you unfazed.

Magazine, MPublishers
Magazines, Publishers

Magazines, periodical publications

Our online flipbook publishing solution is for those who are looking for an affordable way to publish digitally. The online magazine maker with a wide range of customization tools and smart cloud storage will make your work easy and give your subscribers a unique reading experience. Readable on mobile devices, your online magazines will reach your audience no matter where they are in the most convenient way. Have a look at the magazines we created and start publishing today.

Annual Reports

For businesses and nonprofits

Our system lets you create interactive reports without costly and time-consuming development. Turn your PDF into an HTML5-driven publication with embedded videos, links, custom design and branding. You will be able to deliver your annual report to any device, and it will open without downloading, so you’ll meet your stakeholders where they are.

For businesses and nonpro

Send out magazines and newsletters with a professional touch

A well-crafted newsletter is an excellent opportunity to retain healthy and long relationship with your clients. But when there’s a 20-40 pages of news and thoughts to share, it may become difficult to email them. Plus you have to worry about delivering the content to a variety of devices your readers may use. Our system turns your PDF newsletters into interactive flipbooks, hosted online. This way you don’t have to attach heavy files - you’ll be able to put a link to your document into an email. And wherever your clients are, they’ll have a great experience with your newsletter.


Sports Marketing, Books and Training

The educational and training has benefited greatly from digital publishing and its commitment to evolving publishing technologies. Our software supports educational publishers and institutions alike in creating user-friendly online publications and enabling educators to reach their audience with cost-effective solutions.

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